Precautions During Summer Vacation

Posted by Kiran Manral

School is out for the summer vacations and before you know it, the days are melting into a never ending circle of fun and play where your child is out almost all day in the sun and coming home, exhausted, … Read More


The offspring has a new craze, and given it is cricket season, what else could it be but cricket. For the past so many days he has been assiduously ignoring my piteous pleas to put his nose to the grindstone … Read More


The summer vacations loom large, and every parent is stressed out not just about the bookings to be made for the holidays but more about the stress brought on at the thought of travelling with children. It isn’t easy, travelling … Read More


How to limit gadget and screen time?

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As any parent would aver, the biggest challenge these days is to keep kids away from gadgets and the screen. It would seem that most children spending most of their waking hours when they are not in school or doing … Read More


Sometimes it seems to me that the only thing I seem to be doing with the child all day is volley firing questions at him. What did you do at school today, what is the homework today, did you eat … Read More


A Nelson Mandela moment

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The offspring has a chapter in his English Reader titled Home on the Veld. The chapter is an extract from the autobiography of Nelson Mandela, and speaks about his childhood in a village called Qunu in South Africa.  While to … Read More


Children need enough – not less, not more

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The one thing that the child does get is enough – Not more not less. But just enough.  I thought of the philosophy of enough this morning, when out of the blue, completely unbidden came the anecdote I had read … Read More


My 2015 parenting resolutions, what are yours?

Posted by Kiran Manral


It was a good year to sit the offspring down and talk to him, very seriously, about the concept of New Year resolutions. Ah, you might say, from your cynical adult vantage point that New Year Resolutions are meant to … Read More


The other day I read an article which asked, quite insightfully I thought, that if you had to begin parenting your child from scratch again, what you would do differently. It made me think, really hard back to the early … Read More


Cheers to the teachers

Posted by Kiran Manral
The first day I realised I was being replaced in the affections of my child by another woman was when the offspring was learning the alphabet in pre-primary school. He returned from school at the usual time, with the usual … Read More